Chen Li Yan General English 2018

"The British Council atmosphere of learning is very good, the teachers are very professional, and they teach with patience and kindness. They are full of passion and make students enjoy learning.  When i have any questions or get stuck the teachers are always willing to answer and help me immediately and patiently which builds up my confidence and makes me want to learn more.Learning English with the British Council has not only helped me improve my English and communication skills, but i have also learned other things. These include learning about different cultures, forming new ideas and learned how to enjoy learning and life.The students are friendly, and they learn from each other and help each other. Because of this i spend most of my day at the British Council, as i get to discuss different things with other students about film, sports, news etc."

Chen Li Yan (General English, 2018)

"My name is Anita Dominic Mwokela and i come from Shinyanga. I came to The British Council to learn good English because i want to write and speak well. I was not confident but i have now improved. My teacher is polite and kind, the classrooms are very nice. I have met many people , foreigners, and i am so happy."

Anita Dominic Mwokela (General English, 2018)

"Since I started, I see myself improving in both written and spoken English. I'm currently progressing with other modules so as to master the language. Always, when you think of improving your English, think of the British Council."

Judith Odunga (General English, 2018)

"I am a business woman and a contractor. I joined British Council to improve my English, the teacher teaches grammar very well. My confidence has improved. British Council staff are good, informative and instruct us well. The classes are designed well, i like the place!”

Mi Hao (General English, 2015)

"Many thanks to British Council for helping me to speak English correctly. Now I can communicate better with other people and write formal or informal e-mails.”

Alex Ligate (General English, 2015)