"During my course, my knowledge on presenting improved a lot. Now I know how to start and end an e-mail in a proper way, and also how to market a product. All in all, the course was valuable."

Donald (Business English, 2015)

"It has been a great experience doing a Business English course with the British Council. It gave me a boost in my confidence which enabled me to become a good communicator at my place of work and with people surrounding me. Now I can confidently stand and present in front of a large group of people."

Shizya (Business English, 2015)

"It has been great being here. Learning English has improved my confidence. I believe I can do better in my dissertation."

Pamella (Business English, 2015)

"My experience of group classes was good. My confidence to speak in public has increased. I know what the important things to consider during presentation are. My email writing has improved because I didn't know how to structure my emails. I hope I can attend the report writing workshop as well."

Student (Business English, 2015)

"My great thanks to the British Council for developing this course. It was a great experience meeting and interacting with fellow students. The topics helped build my confidence. I'm very thankful to my teacher because I enjoyed the class."

Student (Business English, 2015)

"Clases were amazing and my confidence has risen to almost the maximum. I'm happy and glad with what I have become."

Student (Business English, 2015)

"It has been a very good experience here with the British Council, because now I can write formal emails, present better and most importantly, interact with other cultures."

Student (Business English, 2015)

"I have enjoyed studying here at British Council. The way we were taught, group discussions we had, and classes on presentation and e-mail writing have made a lot of difference compared to what I was before having attended my classes here. I really feel confident now. I can stand and present without fear."

Student (Business English, 2015)

"My experience with British Council was very good, especially in how we gained experience in presentation skills. It helped build my confidence and improved my English. I gained more vocabulary and learned to create better sentences. The teachers are well trained and they can teach you skills to use in your job and make you feel comfortable learning and asking questions when needed. I never wanted to miss a session.”

Fina Duway (Business English, 2014)