"I feel more confident in front of people now. I really enjoyed working with other students and my teachers."

Student (English for teens, 2015)

"My son said he learned new things all the time. He enjoyed the classes and doing homework."

Abedin Goodarzi (English for teens, 2015)

"My daughters have enjoyed every moment of the course because the coursework was entertaining and engaging. What I liked most was the presentation skills teaching and the encouragement to read books. For me I have not had to push for homework to be completed and have not had the chance to assist which is really a testament to the work teachers have put in. Kudos to the teachers and the British Council; it has been an enriching experience for my daughters."

Linda Margaret (English for teens, 2015)

"My daughter is always very happy and excited for her class. She now communicates better and knows new words in English."

Parent (Communication skills workshops, 2015)