See the registration process for private candidates below:

Step1: Complete your registration form

Download and complete the Cambridge school exams registration form (see downloads section below). 

Make certain that your contact details and subject codes are correct.

Sign the application and attach two passport-sized photographs.

Step 2: Pay for your exams

1.       You will need a reference number before making your payment. Contact the British Council for your unique reference number. Alternatively, you can quote your National ID / Passport number as the reference number on your deposit slip

 2. Please make your registration payment to:


Standard Chartered Bank  any Branch. For Account number please visit our office at Samora/Ohio Junction or call us on 0686888000 or 0222165300 or email us on

We accept payments into our bank account from the following


  • Electronic bank transfer from your internet banking
  • Direct deposit (using bank deposit slip) into the above named British Council bank account
  • You may also pay at the British Council office, using Company’s Cheque. 


  1. To make any of the above payments you must quote your registration British Council assigned Reference Number / ID number in all reference fields that are available.
  2. For candidates making payments via bank deposit, it is prudent to plan for an extra day or two for processing payments
  3. Failure to quote a reference number may delay your application process

Please ensure you keep a copy of your receipt as proof of payment.


Each examination board has a normal registration stage for each exam session (see registration dates and deadlines). You may still be able to register for exams after this date, but you will have to pay a penalty fee. You can find more information about late registration penalty fees on your exam registration form.

Step 3: Submit your registration form

Submit your completed application and proof of payment at the British Council office reception desk.

Step 4: Registration complete

You have successfully registered for school exams with the British Council.

You will receive your Statement of Entry and information about your examination venues approximately three weeks before your exams.

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