Learn English Pathways

Learn English Pathways is a self-access online English course which enables British Council’s proven online learning expertise to be available to your employees anytime you wish. It is a cost-efficient and flexible solution to train large numbers of learners. It has an excellent track record as a self-access learning suite which can be delivered with minimal support. It can also be used to further supplement face to face training and give your employees extra flexible English practice. We are currently delivering in 15 countries to 82,000 learners of English.


LearnEnglish Pathways is for adult learners of English organised across four levels (A1 to B2) of the Common European Framework. It is made up of eight self-study courses, each 30 to 40 hours long. The entire set of courses is 320 hours long and aims to develop learners’ language through a variety of interactive online lessons. The courses are designed for self-study and require little or no support.  

Each course is made up of six modules, each focusing on a different theme (e.g. family, travel, jobs and culture), which is explored through audio recordings, text, images and video. Each module is divided into five sections, containing five to ten activities. Typical activities include quizzes, gap fill, drag-and-drop, matching, grouping etc. The sections finish with a round up and mini test.  


Learners are provided with individual accounts to access the courses. This means they can check their progress and scores which are automatically recorded in the system’s grade book. Every week a report with learner’s latest progress on the course will be emailed to HR or as appropriate to keep you up to date with course progress.  

At the moment LearnEnglish Pathways is only available in Tanzania for companies, government organisations and education institutions. If you are an individual customer interested in online courses, why not join our upcoming free online courses here


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