While a degree equips you with industry skills, landing a job is an entirely different challenge. Graduates globally struggle with finding employment without prior work experience.

If you're considering studying in Canada, make your move with IELTS and start to build a professional network while you study. It’s a great way to significantly enhance your career prospects and you’ll gain a competitive edge over other graduates – especially if you're studying abroad. 

Try these tips to help you develop your network.

Make friends for life  

University provides a unique platform to connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds who are likely to enter your professional field. These relationships can be beneficial as you enter the job market, often providing better support than your existing social circles. 

Connect with lecturers 

Many lecturers bring valuable industry experience that can bridge theoretical knowledge with practical application. Lecturers can also introduce you to industry contacts and help you find in-roads to future job opportunities. Be sure to make a good impression with your academic work and don’t be afraid to reach out when the time comes to look for practical experience. 

Volunteer during holidays

Use school breaks to gain practical experience through volunteer positions. It’s a great way to   develop industry-specific skills and also broadens your professional network. Skills like teamwork, communication and being well organised are transferable across industries and can add value to your resume.

Optimise your LinkedIn profile

Update your LinkedIn profile so that others can see where and what you’re studying and  what your interests are. Use the platform to connect with peers, industry groups, and potential employers. This can keep you informed about industry trends and make you a more attractive candidate during job searches. 

Actively apply for internships

Many Canadian institutions support practical learning through internships. These opportunities are crucial for gaining real-world experience and making your CV more appealing to future employers. 

Take IELTS with the British Council and you’ll be ready to meet the language requirements needed to make your academic and professional dreams come true in Canada. A solid IELTS score strengthens your university application and ensures you're prepared to tackle coursework, participate in discussions, and fully engage with the campus community. It’s your golden ticket to studying in Canada.